1. Tattered Wares


Words & Music by Luanne Hunt
Copyright 2020/Yellow Brick Publishing

Verse 1

Her clothes would barely pass for rags

Her face worn out and drawn

Poor in spirit and in love

Yet she is forced to face each dawn

Verse 2

I’m much the same in many ways

Though some may doubt that fact

You can be lost without a home

And still appear in tact


Tattered wares, past repair

There is someone to blame

But that won’t do a bit of good

So we won’t speak their name

Verse 3

It’s not her fault she lives like this

Somewhere something went wrong

No one she knew quite cared enough

To help and guide her along

Verse 4

We’re kindred spirits that’s for sure

Nowhere to lay our cares

Meandering sad and alone

Surviving on our prayers

Repeat Chorus

Verse 5

For her the future might as well

Not exist at all

Everyday is bleak and cold

Her chance for happiness is small

Verse 6

I hate it that we feel this way

It clearly isn’t right

A drastic action we could take

But who’s around to spite

Repeat Chorus