One of the best singer/songwriters on the Indie scene”

— Brett Stewart, Independent Music Spotlight

About Luanne

Thanks to the Internet and social media, more and more independent artists have risen to worldwide prominence through hard work, perseverance and grassroots promotion.  One of those “superstars” is country music singer/songwriter, Luanne Hunt.

Throughout her illustrious career, the award-winning, two-time Grammy-balloted recording artist has built an impressive list of accomplishments, including scoring numerous No. 1 hits on independent country music charts around the world.

She is best known for her chart-topping single, “Christmas Without You,” which was recently named by Sweden’s largest daily newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, one of the Top 25 Christmas Songs of All-time.

“Christmas Without You” also landed on two “Best of 2015 Female Country Holiday Songs” lists in the major U.S. publications, Autostraddle and Truckers News.

“Being on these lists with so many A-listers felt like a real accomplishment,” said Hunt, whose studio musicians have backed everyone from the Righteous Brothers to Kenny Loggins. “It’s a huge challenge to find success in the ‘big leagues’ as an Indie artist, so these honors were quite a validation for all the work I’ve put into my craft.”

Hunt, who was inducted into the Independent Superstars Country Music Hall of Fame in 2016, has been working hard at making quality music for twenty years.  Her efforts paid off big time in 2007 when her CD, “Breaking Through,” produced two hit singles on U.S. and European Charts. The enchanting “Solace in The Wind” reached No. 1 on the European Country Music Association’s chart (Belgium) in July, 2010.

Additionally, the song landed on the 2009 Grammy ballot in two categories: Best Country Song and Best Female Country Performance.

Hunt's 2018 CD, “Backroads, Bottles & Blues,” has been hailed by critics as a musical triumph that could very well be Nashville’s saving grace.

“Wow, I've been waiting for  “Backroads, Bottles & Blues” for a long time, said Bob Everhart, president of the National Traditional Country Music Association.  “ I can finally say, 'Hey Nashville, take a few steps back while a real country song and artist takes front and center stage. Well, maybe not just a few steps, take a lot of steps back, (because) here's a country album that a whole big bunch of people have been waiting for a long time to hear."  

Hunt began pursuing a professional music career in the mid-1990s. She found immediate success with her critically-acclaimed single “I Don’t Bother Counting,” which was frequently played on the former KIK FM country radio station in Orange County, California and on other stations throughout the Southwest.

Over the years, the Pennsylvania native’s songs have been played on AM, FM, satellite and Internet stations around the world, including Pandora radio.  In addition, she is a six-time American Songwriting Awards winner and also is the recipient of three “CD of the Year” awards from the National Traditional Country Music Association (NTCMA).