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A Big Congrats from Mary & Randy Travis

A Statement of Gratitude

Just finished recording my 21st studio album, which got me to thinking about the past 25 years of my musical journey and how grateful I am for all the successes and acknowledgements along the way. As independent artists, the only tangible things we have to show for what we've accomplished are our chart positions and awards. And even those these things may not be as high profile as major artist accolades, they mean something to us nonetheless and mark how far we've grown and evolved through the creative process. For me, every No. 1 hit on an independent chart, every positive review, and all the wonderful awards I've received for my songwriting have encouraged me to keep moving forward on my own, personal road to achieving excellence in my chosen field. I am so very thankful for music and all the joy, fulfillment, peace, healing, opportunities and connections it has brought into my life.

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