"Season of Grace" Has Arrived!

About the Project

Dedicated to my late husband, Stephen Michael Hunt and the Widows and Widowers Healing Support and Education Facebook Group

In my wildest dreams, I could not have imagined my 15th studio album, “Season of Grace,” would tackle the subject of dealing with grief from the death of a spouse. But here I am, a grieving widow, whose saving grace once again has been found in my musical gifts.

My husband Steve Hunt was a world class songwriter. His breathtaking tune, “Solace in the Wind,” kicked off my career in 2007 in a big way, including landing on the 2009 Grammy ballot for Best Country Song. Over the years, I recorded quite a few of his wonderful songs, many of which won awards and reached No. 1 on country music charts around the world.

A few days before Steve passed away, he handed me a set of lyrics titled “On the Other Side,” which described his vision of what it would be like once he reached his heavenly home. He told me it was the last song he would ever write for me and entrusted me with coming up with a melody after he was gone.

I remember thinking that I hoped I would be able to compose a melody that would live up to his talents. While he always complimented me about my songwriting, I never thought I was as good at it as he was.

A week or so after he died, I sat down at my keyboard and wrote what I thought was a fairly decent melody to “On the Other Side.” I played and sang it at his memorial service and people seemed to really like it.

In the subsequent days, I began writing more songs about all the emotions I was experiencing in the aftermath of Steve’s death. It didn’t take long before I had enough material for an album, so I began the process of recording it.

The music is a bit of a departure from my usual country/folk vibe mostly because I would like the songs to appeal to a broader audience given their subject matter (I even feature a Christian rap artist on one song. LOL!). For the music production, I hired the phenomenal Texas-based producer Chris Wichmann. The vocals were recorded at Eric Uglum’s New Wine Studio in Apple Valley, California where I’ve been recording for years.

My beautiful and talented friend Stephanie Hillstock was gracious enough to once again lend her amazing harmony vocals to my songs.

My wish for “Season of Grace” is that it serves to comfort and uplift those who have lost a spouse or someone very close to them. The process of creating the album certainly helped me survive the darkest days of my life. It’s so true that music has a special kind of healing power.

With all of the joy I am feeling over the completion of the project, I miss with great sadness those times I would come home from my studio sessions and play my tracks for Steve. He was always so encouraging and helpful with his feedback. Hopefully, he is listening from the world beyond and is pleased with the finished product.

This one’s for you, Honey. Thank you for continuing to inspire me and cheer me on from the other side. I love you greatly.

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Album Credits

All songs written and performed by Luanne Hunt

Produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Wichmann, Red Road Studios, Houston, TX

Vocals recorded at New Wine Sound Studio, Apple Valley, CA

Electric Guitar / Acoustic Guitar / Piano / Bass - Chris Wichmann

Acoustic Guitar - Eric Uglum (Track 2)

Drums - Chris Matthews

Background Vocals - Stephanie Hillstock (Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8); Laura Pierson (Track 5); Eric Uglum (Track 2)

Bass - Anthony Lenzy

Guest rap artist Gifted on Track 7