"Luanne Hunt creates musical masterpieces that offer universal messages about the challenges all of us face in life through the veil of country, folk and Americana music. Her voice and heartfelt expression of song is filled with a heavenly charm that continues to impress us and undoubtedly will impress generations ahead."

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About Luanne Hunt

Surviving and remaining relevant through the ever-evolving and fickle music business is no easy feat, even for artists who have reached the highest levels of fame.  Yet in spite of the odds, independent country, folk and Americana star Luanne Hunt has continued on an uphill climb since she first arrived on the scene in the mid-1990s.

Her extensive body of work, and vast amount of accolades, speaks to her determination to stay in the game and continually produce magical and relatable music that strikes a chord with her fans, djs, critics and most everyone who discovers her songs for the very first time.

While Luanne has done her fair share of live performances through the years, the hours she has spent in the studio perfecting her craft far outweigh her time on the road.  But now, the singer/songwriter is ready to put herself in front of the public again to accomplish her philanthropic goals and raise money for veteran’s organizations and other worthy causes.

Her exciting new show, "For the Love of Country," features Luanne performing many of her hits that have reached No. 1 on prominent charts around the world, including New Music Weekly, Airplay Express, European Country Music Association and Roots Music Report.

These songs also have garnered rave reviews from music critics who write for prominent publications, such as Billboard, American Songwriter, Paste, Universal Music and Spin, to name a few.

Other highlights of the show include a spellbinding, sign language performance to Luanne's tribute to women veterans, "Brave American Girl." It also includes dancers, a musical tribute to 9-11 and an Elvis impersonator reenacting The King's, "American Trilogy."

Beyond writing and producing dozens of live productions over her nearly three-decade career, Luanne has released 21 studio albums. She has scored 17 No. 1 chart hits and is the recipient of six American Songwriting Awards, three CD of the Year awards from the National Traditional Country Music Association (NTCMA) and two World Songwriting Awards.  She is a two-time Josie Music Awards nominee and was inducted into the Independent Superstars Hall of Fame in 2016.

Her international holiday hit, "Christmas Without You," landed on Dagens Nyheter's (Sweden's largest daily newspaper) list of Top 25 Christmas Songs of All-Time. The tune also has been prominently featured on popular social media sites, such as Universal Music's UDiscover Music, Country Rebel, Country Music Nation and Truckers News.

Luanne's YouTube channel has had over 1,000,000 visitors to date.

For the Love of Country Tracks

Luanne Hunt

Songs featured in Luanne Hunt's latest stage production, "For the Love of Country."

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