Marywood To Hollywood: Unreleased Demo Recording

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Dear Friends,

The idea to record an album centered around my childhood has been rolling around my brain for a few years. In 2010, I finally worked up the courage to write several songs about my early life, which up until that point didn’t seem like anything all that interesting or important. But as I immersed myself in my 10-song project titled “Marywood To Hollywood: Unplugged,” I began to see how artistically crucial it was to bring forth my own truth through the creative gifts I’ve been given.

As you listen to my highly-personal tunes, you will quickly understand that for the myriad of good times I enjoyed back then, there also were many dark and challenging moments. However, I pretty much feel the same about my own travails as Paul the Apostle felt about his. In the Bible, he says he counted them all to be joy.

To me, hardships are truly gifts that serve to strengthen and equip us for our oftentimes precarious journeys. In other words, there’s nothing like troubles to toughen us up!

Despite enduring a good amount of pain and heartbreak during the early years of my life, it was mostly an era of growth, expansion and opportunity. Whether participating in summer craft projects in Conshohocken, PA’s Marywood Park or finding solace listening to rock music in my friend Kathy Shaw’s basement, the groundwork was being laid for an awesome future better than I could have ever imagined.

Included in that has been the chance to express myself through music, a constant source of inner peace, inspiration and joy.

I am so grateful for the chance to take you along my acoustic journey to my past. I hope you will find much to relate to and be encouraged by.

Wishing you miracles and magic! Luanne

This CD is dedicated to the late Kathleen A. Shaw, a cherished friend, who filled my childhood with music and joy!

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